#Interviews: from my interview for WhipArt Magazine. About the Terminal Realism.

Kostka Izabella Teresa

• ” (…) Certainly poetry is not a very popular however, I note with great pleasure that the new generations are starting to approach the Muses through numerous cultural initiatives: various readings, Slam Poetry, unconventional meetings, events in schools, fairs of book, Open Mic, outdoor performances, etc. Returning to the speech about the Terminal Realism: this movement arouses great curiosity, understanding and desire to experiment among young people. I believe that to engage the masses, poetry must become more rooted in our times, abandon the useless frills and the superficial idealisation by conquering, through the expressive immediacy, transparency and emotion concentrated in an essential and contemporary language, a stylistic “new awareness” and communicative power. This literary genre should no longer be seen as a relic of the past, but should be able to stimulate the intellect and emotions of the readers by approaching reality, it should open new horizons coming…

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Kostka Izabella Teresa

” (…) The younger generations are certainly closer to the digital, computerized and virtual world, the language of social media, Whatsapp, not that of traditional literature. It’s a dilemma that needs to be addressed. There is a part of young people attracted by writing, the search for new spaces and languages (I always return to Terminal Realism that begins to conquer schools) and experimentation. We must encourage them, involving them in numerous initiatives throughout the year and not only during the exhibition period. The fresh shoots are to be protected and cultivated, they exist and are worth! They are few but can set a good example and involve peers. We do not lose hope, we must try and think positively. Young people always surprise us (…) “.

From my interview for WhipArt Magazine, Italy 2018

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La mia intervista per #Screpmagazine


Sono profondamente emozionata e ringrazio il giornalista Vincenzo Fiore per il nostro incontro e questa splendida intervista la quale ho rilasciato con gioia ed emozione presso Chiostro Nina Vinchi a Milano. L’intervista molto diversa da tutte le altre, molto personale e, quasi, “intima”. Invito tutti alla lettura!

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Ripropongo con piacere questa mia intervista rilasciata un anno fa dopo il Salone Internazionale del libro a Torino. Ho parlato del mio ultimo libro e anche del Realismo Terminale. Buona lettura agli interessati:


La mia intervista in lingua polacca rilasciata al poeta Adam Gabriel Grzelązka / Mój wywiad w języku polskim udzielony poecie Adamowi Gabrielowi Grzelązka

Ringrazio il poeta polacco Adam Grzelązka per la professionalità, con la quale ha condotto questa mia intervista rilasciata stavolta in lingua polacca. Ho risposto con gioia ed emozione a tutte le sue domande. / Dziękuję z całego serca poecie i literatowi Adamowi Gabrielowi Grzelązka za profesjonalizm, z którym przeprowadził ze mną ten sympatyczny i cenny wywiad. Odpowiedziałam z radością i wzruszeniem na wszystkie Jego pytania, tym razem w mym ojczystym języku polskim. Raz jeszcze dziękuję!