Waiting / In attesa (EN / IT)

Kostka Izabella Teresa

WAITING (to my beloved Chihuahua Elvis)

A sad handle trembles from the cold,
wait for the warm hands,
that open the way
towards a happy home,

beats the heart of a dog
near the old slipper
and howls a bowl
hungry for love.

The essence of affection is a fragrance,
a damp nose
glued to a sock that smells of sweat,
a wagging tail
that like a broom sends away every grudge.

The faithful eyes
anchored to the handle.

IN ATTESA (al mio amatissimo chihuahua Elvis)

Una triste maniglia trema dal freddo,
aspetta le calde mani,
che spalancano la strada
verso una casa felice,

batte il cuore d’un cane
vicino alla sfruttata ciabatta
e ulula una ciotola
affamata d’amore.

L’essenza d’affetto è una fragranza,
un naso inumidito
incollato ad un calzino che sa di sudore,
una coda scondinzolante
che come una scopa manda via ogni rancore.

Uno sguardo fedele

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Kostka Izabella Teresa


Open the door of knocking love
don’t let her take the subway

fear grits teeth
but melts in the arms
when the body
rubs against each other.

Blessed chemistry of feelings.

Apri la porta all’amore che bussa
non lasciarlo prendere la metropolitana

la paura stringe i denti
ma si scioglie tra le braccia
quando il corpo
si strofina l’uno contro l’altro.

Beata la chimica dei sentimenti.

Otwórz drzwi pukającej miłości,
nie pozwól jej odjechać metrem

strach zgrzyta zębami
lecz topnieje w ramionach
gdy ciała
ocierają się o siebie.

Błogosławiona chemia uczucia.

Izabella Teresa Kostka ©2019

Thoughts, all rights reserved

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My last book “Ka_r_masutra” (Italian version, Kimerik Edition 2018) on Mondadori Store

Kostka Izabella Teresa

The winner of the 1st prize in the elliptical section of the Leandro Polverini Poetry Award (Rome – Anzio, Italy 2018).

From my interview for “Parlamidite” (Italy, 2018):

“(…) The book ‘Ka_r_masutra’ came to life in a completely unexpected way in the year 2017, but some of the lyrics saw the light in the last months of 2016. After a series of previous books dedicated to a theme of civil imprint, I decided to “change course”. I took inspiration from a play on words and I combined the terms “kamasutra” and “karma”, to form a neologism ‘Ka_r_masutra’: from desire, from eroticism, from carnal passion to karma, to the destiny of a woman and every common mortal. From physical ardor to spiritual reflection. The starting point of the entire collection becomes primordial sin and the serpent. His almost biblical journey continues on the pages of the book, leading the reader into…

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Diptych on fuel / Dittico sul carburante / Dyptyk o paliwie (Terminal Realism) En / It / Pl

Kostka Izabella Teresa

Diptych on fuel (Terminal Realism)


It is a squalid slut
sold for a few euros,
a puppet hanging on the ropes
pulled by the gods of Olympus.

Engine damaged
powered by altered fuel.

These days of lead do not belong to us,
soluble charges of cyanide,
poisonous television debates
who ignore the bitter grievances of the people.

We are locked up in a supermarket
with shelves of illusions,
we collect points for retirement
counting on a prize at the end of the season.

Lightless dawns do not belong to us
obscured by the expensive paid smog
which takes away the voice of small birds
discarding their songs as waste.

Give us back our freedom
the fuel of life!



È una squallida puttana
venduta per qualche euro,
una marionetta appesa alle corde
tirate dagli Dei dell’Olimpo.

Motore in avaria

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Christmas in Milan / Natale a Milano / Gwiazdka w Mediolanie

Kostka Izabella Teresa

Tonight at the theater La scala in Milan “Tosca” by G. Puccini with the phenomenal opera singer soprano Anna Netrebko. Meanwhile, I admire the “Christmas dressed” city! No, as a good adoptive citizen of Milan I could not miss the feast of Sant’ Ambrogio and the lighting of the Christmas tree.

•Stasera al teatro “La Scala” la prima e “Tosca di G. Puccini con la fenomenale cantante lirica soprano Anna Netrebko. Intanto mi godo la città in veste natalizia. Da buona milanese adottiva non potevo mancare alla festa di Sant’ Ambrogio e all’accensione dell’albero di Natale.

•Dzisiaj premiera w teatrze La scala i ” Tosca” G. Puccini’ego z fenomenalną śpiewaczką operową sopranem Anną Netrebko. Jako wzorowa mediolanka z adopcji nie mogłam zabraknąć na jarmarku i święcie Św. Ambrożego (patrona Mediolanu) oraz podczas zapalenia choinki.Photos by Izabella Teresa Kostka, 07.12.2019, Milan – Italy.And the lighting of the Christmas tree:

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#Interviews: from my interview for WhipArt Magazine. About the Terminal Realism.

Kostka Izabella Teresa

• ” (…) Certainly poetry is not a very popular however, I note with great pleasure that the new generations are starting to approach the Muses through numerous cultural initiatives: various readings, Slam Poetry, unconventional meetings, events in schools, fairs of book, Open Mic, outdoor performances, etc. Returning to the speech about the Terminal Realism: this movement arouses great curiosity, understanding and desire to experiment among young people. I believe that to engage the masses, poetry must become more rooted in our times, abandon the useless frills and the superficial idealisation by conquering, through the expressive immediacy, transparency and emotion concentrated in an essential and contemporary language, a stylistic “new awareness” and communicative power. This literary genre should no longer be seen as a relic of the past, but should be able to stimulate the intellect and emotions of the readers by approaching reality, it should open new horizons coming…

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Kostka Izabella Teresa

” (…) The younger generations are certainly closer to the digital, computerized and virtual world, the language of social media, Whatsapp, not that of traditional literature. It’s a dilemma that needs to be addressed. There is a part of young people attracted by writing, the search for new spaces and languages (I always return to Terminal Realism that begins to conquer schools) and experimentation. We must encourage them, involving them in numerous initiatives throughout the year and not only during the exhibition period. The fresh shoots are to be protected and cultivated, they exist and are worth! They are few but can set a good example and involve peers. We do not lose hope, we must try and think positively. Young people always surprise us (…) “.

From my interview for WhipArt Magazine, Italy 2018

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Carissimi! Innanzitutto vogliamo ringraziarVi per numerose candidature pervenute alle selezioni per la prossima antologia internazionale italo – polacca “Ponte poetico / Most poetycki”. Abbiamo ricevuto 135 proposte per 35 posti disponibili! Ci siamo trovati nella grande difficoltà e nell’imbarazzo della scelta.

Dopo un lungo colloquio con la Casa Editrice Kimerik, valutando lo spessore degli elaborati, la compatibilità con la stilistica dell’antologia e col regolamento, la futura musicalità della traduzione e le diversità tematiche, abbiamo deciso di alzare il limite dai 35 ai 45 partecipanti (in totale per entrambi i paesi).

Purtroppo, nonostante quello, i 90 poeti non entreranno nella rosa dei Fortunati ma anche Loro meritano il nostro grande affetto e sentiti ringraziamenti!!

In seguito i risultati delle selezioni e l’elenco dei poeti ammessi alla pubblicazione nell’antologia in oggetto.

In ordine alfabetico.

Przede wszystkim dziękujemy serdecznie za liczne zgłoszenia do selekcji do Antologii Międzynarodowej Most poetycki. Dotarło do nas 135…

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